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Flasteed cobot's excellent performances

2023-02-14 603 FLASTEED

On February 23rd, the 3rd day of "AEE2023 Automotive Technology Annual Conference" came to an end at the Fumao Hotel in Binhu, Hefei. During the conference, the "FLD LASER/FLD ARC Weld 1000 Collaborative Welding Robot " displayed by the Flasteed robot caught the attention of many attendees in the automotive technology field, everyone observes and consults, and receiving unanimous praise.

The results of traditional manual welding depend entirely on the technical level and work experience of the welding master, while the welding technicians are with high salaries and difficult to recruit, and what’s more, they cannot work under long-term fatigue, especially in harsh environments. And in other sides, traditional manual welding can cause significant physical harm to operators.

In order to effectively solve the welding process problems of small and medium-sized enterprises and modernize the intelligent welding production line workshop, the Flasteed welding collaborative robot has been nurtured. The Flasteed welding collaborative robot has advantages of no programming, automatic welding path planning, storage and reading. It doesn’t only frees up manpower, improves welding quality, but also reduces cost expenditures. This not only fills the technological gap in the application of collaborative robots in welding, but also pushes the application of welding automation to a more advanced and intelligent level.

And compared to traditional industrial robots, welding collaborative robots are more suitable for the lightweight and precision welding needs of automobiles. The welding seam thickness is uniform, rapid forming, and there will be no welding penetration, deformation, or insufficient penetration. Moreover, they can weld positions that cannot be welded by manual and industrial robots, effectively achieving efficient welding of aluminum alloys for new energy vehicles. At the same time, the fast-moving characteristics of the Flasteed welding collaborative robot help enterprises quickly complete the layout of automated welding production lines, helping to achieve the possibility of one person managing one welding workshop.


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