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Flasteed Cobot--1st Welding Cobot Emergence In China

2023-02-09 800 FLASTEED

On February 11, 2023, Flasteed (Ningbo) Robot Co., Ltd was invited to attend “2023 Robot Annual Conference” in Changzhou. At the meeting, Flasteed Chairman give a speech meeting and share the welding difficulties, achivements and experiences with other guests.

        Flasteed is the first research and manufacturing enterprise on welding robot who take the collaborative robot as carrier. Safety, drag opertation, small footprint, fast moving, automation and intelligence are the outstanding advantages of the collaborative robot. Now all these strengths have been integrated into the traditional welding work. In the meantime, Flasteed has many senior engineers and developed multiple welding techniques such as the advanced welding software package and online inspection for ultrasonic welding sea. All the above advantages and techniques are combined together on Flasteed collaborative robots, it provides precision, safety, intelligency, automation and high efficiency on welding field. And presently, all these have been used widely on auto-making, rail transport, household appliances, aerosapce, instrument and meter etc and will definitely make great contribution for domestic and overseas welding industry.


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