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2023-04-11 618 FLASTEED

On March 22th,Flasteed (Ningbo) Robot Co., Ltd was invited to attend " Shanghai Pudong Intelligent Manufacturing Conference" and got the awards on " Best Robot Application Senarios" by its innovative appplications.

Flasteed is the 1st research and manufacturing enterprises on welding collaborative robots. Now many manufacturing enterprises has difficult to recruit welding workers, welding quality low, high cost, industrial robot' s obscure programing, no safety on welding. The biggest highlights for collaborative robot is man-machine interaction and can be used in many application scenarios. and among   all the applications, welding is the most difficult field. While, Flasteed combine 20 years traditional welding experiences and finally make collaborative robot can be used on welding.

Flasteed cobot equiped with laser welding head or arc welding head, bellow are the main 3 advantages:

1. Drag programing.

During the drag process, the computer has record its path and made programming. After the welding for the first part, the path will be memoried and next time the robot can choose the correspondent program for the same welding part automatically.

The robot can save over ten thousand paths, it is very suitable for enterprises that have many welding parts, while industrial robot need to reprogramm after first part welding finished.

2. Strong Man-machine interaction

Different with industrial robots, cobot doesn't need security fencing, it has touching-stop function that increase safety maximumly.

3. Fast moving

Flasteed cobots have pulleys at the bottom and can be moved in different application scenarios, while industrial robot can fixed on the ground.

We sincerely hope our cobot can help clients and make more breakthrough by our mutual efforts.


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