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Collaborative welding robot machine tool

This welding machine is a mulitifunctional welding platform for double station collaborative robot.

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Four Advantages 

of Welding Collaborative Robots


Removal manual welding and increasing effciency and reduction of costs

To help enterprises on difficult recruitment issue and reduce labor costs and high operating costs and also complicated following issues caused by labor.

No programming and make welding more easily

To help enterprises solve programming issues in process and automtic welding , our collaborative robot's drag programming function can read and memory automatically.

Precision welding of collaborative robot to improve process quality

To help enterprises weld parts that are difficult to be done by manual welding.Collabrative robots can realize integrated forming and precision welding.

Welding antomation can benefit mass production 

Collaborative robots can serve enterprises to realize one person to control one welding production line.

Characteristics of dual station laser 

welding collaborative robot machine tool


1.It can be equipped laser welding power supply to realize laser  welding.

2.Welding sources with different power can be used to weld different thickness copper, alumminum and other nonferrous metals. 

3.By auto seitching between double stations and random combination between single and double stations, it can operate flexible welding for big and small parts with very little deformation

4.Using the button on the welding gun , drag welding programming, it is very easy to operate and start work.

5.Full coverage surrounding structrure and upper and lower shading mechanism design, automatic light blocking, avoid arc burn.

6.Efficient and precision welding, smooth and beautiful weld seam




Axial data
Type numberFLASTEED-i5
Axis quantity6
Scope of operation1350mm
Repetition accuracy+/-0.03mm
Welding sourceType numbersolid laser
Dimension and weightMachine tool
Working table2000*1000*1020mm
Processing space
Maximun welding parts dimension1800*800*300mm

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